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Movie Reviewed The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Essays -

movie reviewed: the hunchback of notre dame approach adopted: humanist/ auteurist A gem that has several very visible flaws; yet, with these flaws, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" shines as the best from the Disney factory yet. For, at first, the company name and movie title didn't quite appear to sit well together. You don't marry the king of novel Gothic gloom (Mr. Victor Hugo) with one of the world's most beloved (if not biggest) animation companies and expect the usual world population to be at the reception; but expect even Mr. Walt Disney to pat himself on the shoulder blade (or what's left of it) for allowing a hideous hunchback to be transformed into a Gene Kelly-Incredible Hulk combo type of hero. This "hero" is Quasimodo (Tom Hulce), which by the way means half-formed. It's about his distorted education (whoever teaches the alphabet using abomination, blasphemy, condemnation, damnation and eternal damnation ?), his humiliation (being crowned the king of fools), his first love and his big, big heart. It's about how our outward appearances should not matter (sounds familiar?). It's about believing in yourself but not being self-righteous. And it's about reliving the magic of Oscar-nominated "Beauty and the Beast", directed by Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale (both, incidentally, were also responsible for "Hunchback".) Wise and Trousdale obviously had a vision that didn't exactly conform to your usual "and they lived happily ever after" type of fairy tale. They employed a lot of artistic license when rewriting the plot. It was, after all, a cartoon; but they didn't allow it to become an excuse to dissolve the poignancy and tragedy into nothingness. Quasimodo did not get the girl. Nobody exactly lived "happily ever after". There was an amazing amount of implicit blood and violence. All that with Quasimodo's unrestrained outburst near the end and the best animated celluloid representation of the kiss contribute to the real emotions that flowed from the characters. Talking about being real, the drawings in "Hunchback" were simply breathtaking. The two directors and chief artists actually made their way to the famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris to experience first hand the magnificence and beauty of it. For ten whole days, they walked through, looked from, sat on, literally lived and breathed Notre Dame. The artists even "swatched" some dirt just to match the colour! The result was such artistry that even George Lucas and Steven Spielberg would have wanted to call their own. The scenes in the market place, the panoramic view of the steps of Notre Dame and beyond all left me gaping in wonder and sheer excitement that such representation could be possible through animation; it's all thanks to computer animation. Computer or no computer, animation has certainly come a long way. From the days of "101 Dalmatians", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and "Cinderella" to "Hunchback" (Disney's 34th full-length animated feature film), there have been no lack of originality. Like its predecessor, "Hunchback" is definitely original material destined for the Oscars. Like the directors functioning as visionaries, the stars that are being voice casted work like magic. Tom Hulce takes centre stage as Quasimodo's voice, giving it a raw passion and sounding appropriately un-handsome. A very plucky, wild and fiery gypsy Esmeralda voiced very convincingly by Demi Moore. It is almost a reprisal of her recent role in "Striptease" as an exotic dancer (euphemism for stripper) , which censors here will not take to kindly. Kevin Kline did justice to the inclusion of the devistatingly handsome Captain Phoebus by giving him that wickedly humorous edge. All the voice actors gave such a brilliant performance that they didn't allow the celluloid to imprison their characters, rather they added a very human dimension that made very cartoon pop right out of the screen. The animated feature film, though being a highly collaborative effort (especially the case with Disney), hangs on three main factors to work well: the directors' vision, the voice casting and the drawings themselves; all of which we have looked at previous to this. In the case of a Disney cartoon, however, the music also features as one of the facets of a Disney gem. What I would have considered a loss for Disney with the death of Howard Ashman has been filled by Stephen Schwartz; this is not to say that I am dismissing the Elton John-Tim Rice-Hans Zimmer team responsible for "The Lion King". The incredible sensitivities that Ashman had with his writing was what made the songs to "Mermaid", "Beauty" and "Aladdin" so rich and beautiful; John-Rice-Zimmer's music to "The Lion King"

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Analysis of Surf Excel Essay Example

Analysis of Surf Excel Essay Example Analysis of Surf Excel Essay Analysis of Surf Excel Essay Hindustan Unilever Limited introduced Surf in 1959, introducing the first detergent powder into the country. At the time, housewives used laundry soap bar to wash clothes. Surf offered them significantly better clean, with much less effort. The promise of ‘Superlative Whiteness’ – the Articulation of a great clean at the time connected with consumers and helped to establish the Brand. Surf Excel was the first national detergent Brand on TV. The Advertisement Message:- The advertisement features a brother and sister duo walking home from school,when the little girl falls into a puddle of mud. Crying, she looks to her brother for help. Her brother gets an idea and starts â€Å"beating up† the puddle of mud, demanding anapology. After a time and a lot of mud on his uniform, he stands up and says, â€Å"Sorrybola. † The narrator then removes all apprehensions of dirt and stains and says,â€Å"Daag Acche Hain. † Execution Styles:- The advertising mantra, AIDA, is strictly adhered to. This is one of the reasons for its success. By showing a little boy and girl, the advertisement draws the attention of the viewers. When the little girl falls into the puddle and starts to cry, it creates interest in the minds of the viewers. When the tagline is spouted, it builds, in the viewers, a desire to know more. This desire often leads to action. Although there is no obvious targeting, it is done so through indirect means. Most mothers are concerned when their children come home in dirty and messy clothes. Creativity:- The advertisement does what seldom others to cater to the emotions and sentiments of the viewers and succeeds with it. Not only do the children lower your guard to the advertisement but the story too warms the heart of the viewers. The advertisement generates a sense of bonding. Viewers without siblings too, canrelate to the advertisement and the action of the little boy. The advertisement also includes certain warmth that reflects itself in the viewers. Relevance of the Product with the Advertisement:- This advertisement not only sends out the message that Surf Excel will help you wash them out but that also there is no need to fear of stains. Although the advertisement does not centre on the Product or Brand, still both are remembered. The Product and Brand are introduced to its viewers in a very sub consciously manner so that it enters their minds without any jarring highlights on the Product or Brand. This advertisement also does what the majority do not. It focuses on the people rather than the Product. The sentiments, actions and emotions of the people are highlighted and showcased throughout this advertisement. Overall Appeal:- This Advertisement of Surf Excel is universally loved by the viewers. This is so because it does a lot of things right. It makes use of children appeal to get the advertisement message across. The Product is kept discreetly tucked away and does not over power the commercial. Although Surf Excel is a premium Brand the advertisement caters to all the income grades and all classes of people. The Brand image created through this advertisement is phenomenal. The advertisement leaves people with a warm feeling. This feeling also transfers to the Product and Brand. Thus the advertisement can definitely be called an advertisement success.

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Demora de petición de ciudadano para sus padres

Demora de peticià ³n de ciudadano para sus padres El tiempo de demora en la tramitacià ³n de esta solicitud puede variar desde apenas 6 meses, para los casos en los que no hay problemas migratorios,   a ms de 10 aà ±os. Incluso a veces es imposible. Solamente los  ciudadanos americanos mayores de 21 aà ±os  pueden pedir la tarjeta de residencia permanente, tambià ©n conocida como green card para su padre y para su madre.   En este artà ­culo se explican las siguientes situaciones, que son las que dan lugar a estas cuatro  diferencias en el tiempo de tramitacià ³n: Padre o madre en Estados Unidos y que puede ajustar su estatusprogenitor en USA pero no puede ajustar estatuspadres fuera del paà ­s sin problemas de inadmisibilidad y padres en otro paà ­s con castigo pendiente. Tambià ©n se explica dà ³nde buscar la à ºltima informacià ³n sobre demoras en la pgina oficial del Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y situaciones especiales como cundo un ciudadano jams puede pedir a sus padres. Demora de peticià ³n de padre o madre en EEUU y que pueden ajustar su estatus En este caso, se envà ­a la peticià ³n I-130 con toda la documentacià ³n adicional y, al mismo tiempo, la I-485, para el ajuste de estatus. Cuando se solicita el ajuste de estatus se puede presentar tambià ©n la peticià ³n de permiso de trabajo y de advance parole que permite viajar fuera del paà ­s, si asà ­ se desea. Es fundamental que una vez que se  inician los trmites   no se salga de Estados Unidos sin ese permiso para viajar. Los tiempos de tramitacià ³n van a ser dos: primero el de aprobacià ³n del I-130, que es la peticià ³n, que va a depender del lugar de tramitacià ³n.ly una vez que se obtiene el OK, se va a proceder  con la solicitud de ajuste de estatus. Es fundamental saber si se puede ajustar el estatus o no. Ahà ­ est la gran diferencia. Si se puede se est ante uno de los tipos de peticià ³n de green card ms rpidos. Si no se puede, es una pesadilla que puede demorarse aà ±os o, incluso, en la prctica resultar imposible porque obliga a la separacià ³n de familias por muchos aà ±os. Antes de enviar los papeles asesorarse con un buen abogado. Demora de peticià ³n de padres en EEUU y que no pueden ajustar estatus Y es que si el pap o la mam para el que se piden los papeles est ilegalmente en el paà ­s y llegà ³ cruzando ilegalmente la frontera, hay un problema grave ya que no se puede ajustar el estatus. En estos casos aunque se apruebe el I-130 se va a tener que salir del paà ­s para acabar el trmite. Esto incluye ir a una entrevista en una embajada o consulado de los Estados Unidos en otro paà ­s y aquà ­ va a surgir un problema por la presencia ilegal al aplicarse el castigo de los 3 y de los 10 aà ±os.   Una vez que se sale de Estados Unidos y se tiene que cumplir ese castigo, en algunos casos se podr pedir con à ©xito un perdà ³n. Lo que sà ­ es importante es entender que si se cruza de nuevo ilegalmente la frontera hacia Estados Unidos se va a tener el castigo de la prohibicià ³n permanente. Por lo tanto, si se est en uno de esos casos, antes de iniciar el proceso entender bien quà © puede ir mal, en particular, verificar si serà ­a posible pedir un perdà ³n provisional por presencia ilegal   en casos de dureza extrema y que se otorga antes de salir de Estados Unidos. Otra solucià ³n, en el caso de   los familiares indocumentados de ciudadanos americanos que sirven en el  Ejà ©rcito,  Guardia Nacional, Reserva o Veteranos, serà ­a verificar si se puede solicitar un  Parole in Place. Si la mam o el pap estn fuera de USA y no hay causa de inadmisiblidad En estos casos hay dos partes muy bien diferenciadas. Primero el Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Naturalizacià ³n (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) tiene que aprobar la peticià ³n I-130. Y una vez que lo hace envà ­a los papeles al Centro Nacional de Visas (NVC, por sus siglas en inglà ©s). A partir de aquà ­ todavà ­a el proceso se va a demorar unos meses ya que hay que ir entregando al NVC documentacià ³n segà ºn la va pidiendo.   Adems, hay que pasar el examen mà ©dico y, finalmente acudir a la entrevista en la Embajada o Consulado. En este punto, algunos son ms rpidos que otros, ya que depende del nà ºmero de aplicaciones que tengan y de la cantidad de cà ³nsules destinados en ese puesto. No vender propiedades ni dejar el trabajo hasta que se tiene la aprobacià ³n de la visa de inmigrante. Una vez que se obtiene la aprobacià ³n, esto es, despuà ©s de la entrevista, se dispondr de seis meses para ingresar a Estados Unidos. Una vez que se llega a un puerto de entrada migratorio (aeropuerto, puerto o frontera terrestre) un oficial de Inmigracià ³n sella el pasaporte y ese sello equivale a una green card hasta que se recibe una tarjeta fà ­sica por correo. Padre o madre fuera de Estados Unidos y hay causa de inadmisibilidad La tarjeta de residencia se puede negar por ms de 40 razones. Es lo que se conoce como causas de inadmisibilidad. En estos casos hay un problema que en ocasiones se podr solucionar dejando pasar el tiempo o pidiendo y obteniendo un perdà ³n y habr casos en los que no ser posible, a pesar de tener un hijo ciudadano. En muchas ocasiones el problema viene ocasionado por estancia ilegal en Estados Unidos que provoca el castigo de los 3 y de los 10 aà ±os   y/o deportacià ³n. En estos casos lo sensato es consultar con un abogado experto y sincero y analizar si se est en condiciones de solicitar con à ©xito un perdà ³n, que en algunos paà ­ses se conoce como permiso o waiver.  ¿Cà ³mo se miran los tiempos de procesamiento del USCIS? En esta pgina oficial se va hasta la parte inferior y se elige el centro de procesamiento que, segà ºn la carta que se recibià ³ del USCIS, es la encargada de decidir sobre el caso.   Elegir el Centro de Servicio correcto (Vermont, Texas, California o Nebraska) y hacer click. Se abre otra pgina y buscar el documento I-130, peticià ³n para pariente extranjero y buscar la opcià ³n adecuada: peticià ³n de un ciudadano de EE.UU para un cà ³nyuge, un padre o un nià ±o menor de 21 aà ±os. Y ahà ­ se ve el tiempo que se est demorando en tramitarse. En la actualidad est en torno a los cinco meses. Despuà ©s, si se ajusta el estatus, se procesa esa parte en otro centro (Oficina de Campo) y se verifica de igual manera cunto se demora en esa misma pgina oficial. Recordar que el documento que hay que buscar es I-485 solicitud para registrar la residencia permanente o para ajustar el estado. Si, por el contrario, es un procedimiento consular, calcular entre otros cinco y siete meses, de media para finalizar el proceso. A dà ­a de hoy, aunque puede haber importantes diferencias segà ºn las oficinas de tramitacià ³n, el proceso de principio a fin deberà ­a tomar menos de un aà ±o. Entre los seis y los doce meses es una estimacià ³n razonable, que va a depender de los lugares de tramitacià ³n. A tener muy en cuenta en peticiones de ciudadanos para sus padres Adems de tener 21 aà ±os, es necesario cumplir todos los dems requisitos para patrocinar, como por ejemplo, tener recursos econà ³micos suficientes. Asimismo, tener presente que en las peticiones del padre o de la madre no se puede incluir a los hermanos del solicitante. Por ejemplo, si un ciudadano pide a su mam, no puede aà ±adir en la misma planilla a un hijo de esa madre de ninguna edad. Para estas personas la solucià ³n es que el ciudadano realice otra peticià ³n para su hermano, que tarda mucho tiempo o que una vez que la mam o el pap se conviertan en residentes, estos realicen una peticià ³n ese hijo/a. Y, finalmente, los ciudadanos americanos que obtuvieron originalmente sus papeles por medio del programa de Inmigrantes Especiales Juveniles no pueden jams pedir los papeles para ninguno de sus padres.   Informacià ³n migratoria confiable Para resolver dudas e inquietudes lo mejor es estar informado directamente por el organismo oficial que lleva un asunto determinado. Para ello se ha recopilado esta lista de telà ©fonos y pginas webs a los que acudir para resolver distintos problemas migratorios. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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GERMANY EXERCISE Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

GERMANY EXERCISE - Term Paper Example subsequent victory at Sedan on 2 September last year is a true case study that our survival depends on our ability to unite as German speaking people and proclaim German unity. The history of the national movement in the German speaking lands dates back to the periods of Napoleonic wars when romantic nationalism and pan Germanism began to rise. For example, the advocacy of building a German nation as a political force was particularly started as a response to the constant invasion of German territories by the French under Napoleon. However, many of the past attempts to create a federation among German states based on common nationhood have always faced numerous difficulties some of which include hostilities and tension between Prussia and the other German speaking lands as well as the Catholic-Protestant divide just to name a few. The original philosophy of the German nationalist movements has always been premised on the principles of collective self determination of the German speaking people, and the need for territorial unification to achieve these ends. According to early German philosophers such as Johann Gottfried Herder, who first developed the concept of German nationalism particularly argued that ethno-linguistic nations are the only legitimate nations. Throughout the history, the definition of being German has always presented numerous difficulties. This is particularly owing to the linguistic diversity in the German speaking lands with the main German dialects currently being Bavarian, Swabian, Cologne and Saxon. In this regard, despite our common history as German speaking peoples, the us of terms like â€Å"Sprachnation†-people united by a common language, or â€Å"Kulturnation†-a people united by a singular culture can not properly define what a German is. In my humble opinion, I would define German a unique people with a rich tied history dating back to the Middle Ages. From Prussia to Baden to Wà ¼rttemberg and to Bavaria, We the Deutsche are one

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Project 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project 3 - Essay Example A verbal fight ensues, and despite entreaties by management to leave the store, they have not. Nobody has hit anyone but the Police are called. No crime has been committed. 3. A group of friends has dinner at a restaurant that has just opened. The restaurant touts its' wonderful pay one price buffet and its vast vegan fare. Despite a buffet that is three miles long, there are no vegetarian dishes to be found and one of the group winds up eating celery all night. Despite requests to management, nobody can drum up a vegetarian dish. The check arrives and the vegan has been charged for the buffet. The vegan points out to the waiter that they did not eat but that they will pay for the wine that they had with their bread and celery. Management calls the police and they tell management that it is a civil not criminal issue. 4. It is a warm spring night and two children's baseball teams are playing. One child gets hit accidentally by an awful pitch and suddenly parents, coaches and even the referee are cursing at each other. Nobody has thrown a punch, but the police have been called. No crime has been committed. Only weeks ago we read about the vile situation of the girl in Missouri who committed suicide after some others who knew her created a fake MySpace profile of a boy who befriended her and then turned on her and told her she was mean and he didn't want to be friends with her. The police were called but no laws were broken. There are other behaviors that people inflict on others but the police are powerless because there is no law defining the behavior as illegal. Oftentimes police officers are called in to watch crowded gatherings. Nothing is happening that is illegal, but the Police Officers are there nonetheless. It would seem that Police Officers are often called when there is a perceived threat of a future crime. In the internet case, as in many internet scenarios, there is no law that prohibits a person from posting harassing and threatening comments. The victim feels, rightfully, threatened and fearful so the logical thing to do is call the police. (Connelly, 2000) Where there are public rallies, there are officers. People are threatened by crowds. Basically, any situation where there is a perceived threat (real or not) is when police officers are called. III. Explain the difference between streetwalkers and call girls, and discuss how each might have an impact on order maintenance and peacekeeping, and what that impact might be. Which would have a larger impact on public expectations regarding the police, and why The term prostitute is a general term that defines one as someone who performs sexual services for renumeration. (Farley, 2007) The payment is often in the form of currency, though there is a group of prostitutes who accept drugs as payment. A call girl is someone who operates over the phone. Their appointments are made over the phone, as opposed to a hooker or streetwalker: a hooker solicits for customers on the street. In general, hookers are a higher risk of contracting diseases due to the fact that they are less selective about their clientele and may not necessarily practice safe sex. The difference between a call girl and a street walker is that the call girls have cell phones, so you

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European learning institutions in the Middle Ages Essay Example for Free

European learning institutions in the Middle Ages Essay The Monastic schools provided the basis for the universities. The main purpose for the establishment of schools was to develop literacy in the society. Through the schools people were educated and hence became wiser. These schools led to the formation of universities as many individuals begun to pursue deeper meanings, verbal clarity and places for doing analysis. During the scholasticism period, the need for a place where intellectuals could do their studies increased greatly as the number of scholars and philosophers rose. Scholars started to analyze books and other information sources through reason and argumentation. Individuals who had gone through schooling had no place to further their studies and their number was increasing. This therefore led to the rise of universities as they provided a place for further studies. During the scholastic period there were many discoveries which were meant to enhance learning. The universities came up because of the need to have intellectuals together so that they can share ideas and opinions thereby leading to more discoveries. The university was a good place to do research and for individuals to learn from others. Additionally, individuals wanted to understand the Bible better and thus get closer to its truth. The university provided a good place where people could study the Bible and hence understand it better. Background of the students During this period, education was the privilege of the members of the upper classes and thus most of the students were from the upper classes in the society. There were few students from the lower classes who had the opportunity to have formal education. This could be attributed to insufficient educational resources thereby making them expensive and thus not affordable to the lower class members. Curriculum The schools curriculum was divided into two trivium and quadrivium. Trivium was composed of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric while qaudrivium contained geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and music. In grammar, texts written by the Priscian who was a Latin grammarian were studied and applied. In dialectic, the works done by Aristotle were read while in rhetoric, the works of Cicero were studied. Arithmetic involved the study of multiplication and division, and in addition to that abacus and chronology were learned. Geometry mainly involved the study of Euclid while Astronomy involved studying the works of Bede and Pliny who was a Roman writer. In Music, the students were taught proportion, scale, music of the spheres and the harmony of the universe. During the Charlemagne period education was mainly based on written texts (Cunningham Reich, 2006). During the scholasticism period, learning was based on reasoning and argumentation. Books were chosen, read and subjected to investigation. Points of disagreements between books and other sources of information were written down and subjected to analysis using dialectics. Through the dialectics a common ground was found. During this period universities were formed and the curriculum of most universities primarily involved the study of philosophy, science, ancient culture and mathematics. In addition to studying the students were allowed to do research in their field of preference. The effects of formal educational institutions on the European society These institutions increased the gap between the rich and the poor people in the society. This can be attributed to background of the most students. Education was primarily the privilege of the upper class members and thus most of the lower class member never had the opportunity to have formal education. However, in spite of the gap in the society, the formal educational institutions provided the basis for more discoveries and developments in the European society. Through the institutions literacy in the society increased as more people improved their knowledge and skills. Additionally, the institutions reconciled different societies as translators and intermediaries were required. For instance, in translating Greek to English Muslims and Jews were utilized as translators and intermediaries. This therefore led to reconciliation between different religions as they dependent on each in enhancing learning. Furthermore, the learning institutions led to change in character as individuals begun to see things differently. This led to changes in the political scene as authoritative governments collapsed paving way for the democratic ones. Powers of the monasteries were reduced as democratic governments came into power. This is because more individuals understood their rights and hence started to fight for their rights. Word count: 717. Reference list Cunningham L. S. and J. Reich, (2006). Culture and values. Edition: 6. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. p. 199.

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Hawthornes The Artist of the Beautiful, Pollacks Stitches in Time, an

Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful, Barbara Pollack's Stitches in Time, and Car Jung's The Spirit Man, Art and Literature The artist has been a mystery to many of us: unexplainably driven in his work; seemingly unconcerned with any other aspects of his life; often oblivious to the world around him. The artists in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Artist of the Beautiful," Barbara Pollack's "Stitches in time," and Carl Jung's "The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature" represent some or all of these characteristics. I decided to base this paper on these readings because I found the ideas presented in them interesting and worth exploring. Jung writes a very interesting piece that examines the artist's source of creativity. He dismisses Freud's claims that art stems from the personal experience of the artist. Jung believes that the true essence of art grows from the "rising above the personal and speaking from the mind and heart of the artist to the mind and heart of mankind (para 156)." Hawthorne also expresses this idea through his protagonist Owen Warland. Warland overcomes his feelings of frustration and rejection from society to complete his creation and express his ideas. Through his "beautiful" (his creation) he is finally able to show what occupies his mind and heart. Warland's audience - Robert Danforth, Danforth's wife Annie, their little son and Annie's father Peter Hovenden - is amazed Warland has finally completed his "beautiful." The reader experiences similar amazement with "Stitches in Time:" it is amazing how women who have little or no formal education, who spend most of their day farming, toiling and caring for families, can create such magnificent quilts from scrap material. Quilting fo... ...sts and the "artsy" types, which aligns with the views of many people, has generally been persons who have some sort of problem with themselves, their family and/or their sexuality. Jung notes that the artist cannot have time to develop his human side for he must focus on his artistic side for "these are nothing but the regrettable results of his being an artist, a man upon whom a heavier burden is laid than ordinary mortals. A special ability demands a greater expenditure of energy, which must necessarily leave a deficit on some other side of life (paral 58)." All three pieces portray artists who are driven to create, be it to fulfill their destinies or simply for pleasure. I believe the artist, like the women of Gee's Bend, should not separate himself from the world around him but immerse himself in the wonder that is life and draw from it the energy to create.